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Transform yourself by making you the priority

Thinking back over my life I remembered when my metamorphosis took place.

I changed my life by transforming myself. Over two decades ago I was unhealthy and in the worst shape of my life. I was hypertensive, overweight, and cancer ridden. Being diagnosed with a life threatening disease has a way of making you wake up and smell the coffee. I knew I had to do something different if I wanted to save my life. I made the decision to take better care of myself. I realized that if I didn’t change, my life may have been over. This was the time to make me a priority.

You can transform yourself by making YOU the priority in your life.

Changing your mindset is the most effective way to change your life. You have control over who and what you are. You create your life and your world. “You Get To Decide.” Changes within leads to changes on the outside of you.

You have to believe that you have the power to change and to control your destiny. We are all creators and destroyers, with the ability to choose our experiences. Again, the decision is yours.

There will be times when doubt creeps into your mind. These thoughts come to talk you out of a decision, but you are able to remember the truth. By transforming yourself, you can turn any situation around.

Here’s a few things that helped me in my transformation. Keep a list of your attributes, review the list daily and imagine yourself already possessing any missing characteristics. You will be surprised by how quickly you can evolve into a more effective version of yourself. Transformations are the key to creating a positive change in your life. Become your butterfly and let the metamorphosis begin!


 I am free from limitations.

 I am evolving.

 I am taking the necessary steps to transform myself in positive ways.

 The life I desire is quickly coming to me.

 I am prepared for its arrival.

Ask Yourself these Questions?

  1. What changes could I make in myself that would create more joy and fun in my life?

  2. In what ways have I been resisting change?

  3. If I had more control over my ability to transform myself, how would my life be


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