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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Street this Week!

No disrespect to the history makers - This week I present the Ladies and gents that walked the walk and styled out. Whether it was from the streets of Paris, Korea, Milan, Germany or New York. All captivated not just my eyes, but those of photographers and bloggers all over the globe.

These eclectic trend setting fashionistas are no ordinary being. This is because they turned the fashion into style and took it to another level. In fact, as Keith Richards says, you don't find a style, a style finds you. So scroll down to see who took style out this week.

Blogger Al Malonga | 📸 Andrew Morales

Vanessa Hong, founder of The Haute Pursuit.

High street Blogger Willie Javier Sparks.

Lifestyle and Food Photographer Brandon Tran.

Designer, style expert and blogger Martell "Mr. Flyy" Campbell | 📸 Filipe Serralheiro

Journalist Esther Quek. | 📸 Phil Oh

Style blogger Daniel

Blogger Thammy Caldeira. | 📸 Mirko Westerbrink

Stylist and Fashion Consultant Zina Charkoplia. | 📸 Moeez Tali

Blogger Daniel Cooper. | 📸 Kim Geronimo

Mr. Gentle Guy blogger Ferkan.

Fashion mogul Shiona Turini. | 📸 Julia Gall

Lifestyle Blogger Justin Livingston. | 📸 Anthony Urbano

Fashion mogul Johanna Ortiz. | 📸Vincent Calderon

Digital darling Jenny Cipoletti. | 📸 The Craigster.

DJ and Singer Yulia. | 📸 Nabile Quenum

Fashion prodigy AMADOUDIOP.

Designer Yoyo Cao

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