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Revamp your health

Celebrity Chef Ahki thinks of health and wellness as a lifestyle not just just a diet. As CEO of Delicious Indigenous Foods, natural foods activist and nutritional counselor, Ahki believes that everything in your life, from your pots and pans to the lotions that you rub into your skin, has to be considered ensure wholeness.

1. Invest in a blender

Most of us are so busy we rarely have time to eat nutritious meals. Make a smoothie before you leave the house to make sure you get in your daily dose of vegetables, fruits and protein. Pop in your vitamins and you're good.

2. Upgrade your cookware

It’s time to get rid of your old pots and pans that you’ve been cooking with since college! Aluminum and enamel over time can transfer metal deposits to your food. Invest in cast iron, stainless steel, glass or copper which have lifetime warranties.

3. Sweat

Exercise is not the only way that you should sweat. Skin is the largest organ in the body. Visit a sauna or steam room at least once a month to sweat out toxins that build up in the body.

4. Sleep

Lay down and sleep! Your brain needs a hour to shut down before you actually fall asleep. But more than likely this never happens since you are habitually connected to our devices. Use a timer to shut off everything and enjoy a hot bath.

5. Switch body and hair care

Popular topical creams, deodorants and washes can be laced with chemicals. Read the labels on your beauty products to make sure your skin is not drinking in damaging synthetics that have been known to cause cancer and reproductive issues.

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