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New Music! Jermaine Dolly and Mandisa Brings New Tidings.

Jermaine Dolly - "The Dolly Express"

His sound and swag is really like no other. Last week Friday morning saw the release of Jermaine Dolly's well anticipated album "The Dolly Express" and it is fantastic! If you are looking for a traditional record with a predictable sound, this is not the one. But If you are looking for an album that will take you on a spiritual high with contemporary sounds infused with the hipster effect, this 12 track album is definitely the one. "The Dolly Express" is more than just an album.. It is a movement!" This the gospel prodigy said in an Instagram post recently. He also said: "Many labels, many radio stations and many people told me no, just because they thought that the music industry was not the right fit for me. But none of that mattered because I knew what I heard from God." I'm with this album and you just have to get it too. It's available on iTunes and other online outlets for purchase.

Mandisa - "Out of the Dark" (Deluxe Edition)

Mandisa, Oh Mandisa! Have you bought her latest project "Out of the Dark"? Well, if you haven't, you are missing out on so much goodness. The Grammy and Dove award winning artist and season 5 American Idol finalist is up to nothing but goodness with this new project. Believe me when I tell you that this album will make your hand numb. It is truly life changing and beautiful. Mandisa certainly created a blessing with this one and you need to go claim your blessings.

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