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What Not to Wear to Work

I never wanted to be considered the mean old lady that would tell people what not to do. I mean, I want to be the cool Auntie and Big Sister. The one that hangs out and laughs and gets invited to everything because she's the life of the party. The one that you come to for advice because you think I'm smart and I know how to keep secrets. In the chance of giving all that up, I feel it necessary to pull my young sister friends to the side and tell you what is NOT appropriate to wear to work.

I'm really not sure what jobs you've had in the past, but if you work in a corporate environment especially one that is regarded any where in the Fortune 100. There is a dress code. It seems that it's an unspoken code since most businesses are changing into a more informal office setting.

Virtual work options are encouraged and have seemed to influence a relaxed attitude and attire. People are coming to work wearing just about anything. But you don't want to be that girl who people whisper about, or pass over because of your wardrobe. So let me share with you sister friend, what NOT to wear to work.

Shorts or rompers - are never appropriate. I don't care if you do wear them on top of your leggings as I saw a girl do one day. (I actually gasped as I saw her distressed jeans walk by). Keep the cutoff daisy dukes for Saturday night clubbing.

Shoulders, halters and tank tops - ok so you've been to the gym and you want to show the world what you're working with; I get it. Off shoulder tops are on trend right now. But do you really want to show your boss that much skin? Ask yourself, would I want to see my male coworkers wearing a racerback t-shirt? I think not.

Flip flops - if we can hear you coming down the halls 2mins before you actually get there it's time to rethink your footwear. Your shoes should not make noise! Flip flops are best worn around water, which is why they are made out of rubber. I can always tell the girls who were not around during 9/11. Trust me if you are in NYC (or anyplace nowadays ) and need to run, you do not want to be wearing flip flops.

Long maxi dresses - I'm that girl. I love a maxi, but is a long flowing maxi dress with spaghetti straps appropriate for work? I think not. It's summer, it's hot and humid and I know it's a cute dress, but people will not take you seriously at a meeting if it looks like all you are missing is sunscreen and a floppy hat.

Do you agree? What would you add to this list?

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