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How to Quiet Your Mind Amidst the Noise of Tragedy

・・・ How to Quiet Your Mind Amidst the Noise of Tragedy 

Recent developments have highlighted the uncertainty of life. It seems that with each breath we take, we are even more aware that it could be our last. The fragility of life how now become a keen awareness. Many have become gripped by this awareness amd paralyzed by fear. Afraid to live. The human brain and body respond in many ways: fright, shock, disengagement, hopelessness, isolation, anxiety. How do you quiet the disquieted mind? 1. Rely on your tribe.

2. Rely on your faith.

3. Talk it out: Don't let whatever you are feeling about today's uncertain, tragic times stay bottled up inside.

4. Get out: Don't let fear isolate you or keep you from doing those enjoyable things that bring you pleasure. 

5. Step out of yourself: Focus on others. Now more than ever we need to check on our people.

6. Get help: If you need to. Arguably we have all, once again, been re-traumatized. If you are not sleeping, if you are obsessed with the tragic Las Vegas shooting, or if you cannot distract your mind from thoughts of it or thoughts of death, despair, mortality... If you find yourself numbing using alcohol, drugs, sex, food or anything else to zone you out and soothe your soul -- reach out and see a mental health professional. 

Be alert. Be vigilant. Be well. The Good Dr. Nik #mentalhealth #wellness #trauma #LasVegas 

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