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2018 in Living Color

A couple of months ago I got an invitation for me and a guest to attend a taping of the Dr. Oz show. Thrilled at the opportunity I told George to block out next week Wednesday because we were going to see Dr Oz! The guest for that day were Gabrielle Union and T.D Jakes who were both promoting their new books. The email invitation included a list of audience guidelines on where to go, what time to be there, and what to wear.

  • All audience members may appear on camera so DRESS TO IMPRESS! Bright colors photograph best & we ask that you refrain from wearing all black or all white. Treat this show as a special event. Think Trendy...Think Classy...Think Chic! Absolutely NO athletic attire, sneakers, hats, sunglasses, shorts or t-shirts with logos will be permitted. Men should wear nice pants with a button-down shirt, sweater or blazer please do not where black or white.

What should’ve been easy for a Fashionista like myself threw me into a meltdown. New Yorkers know that closet space is a premium and I had just went through the painstaking process of purging my closet a couple of days before. I had just given away all of the things that I was emotionally holding onto for years. I was still in my feelings and was very emotional. I went to my closet to see what I could wear and all I could see was a row of black with a few specs of white peaking out. Me: I’m not going George: What do you mean? Me: I mean, I’m not going I have nothing to wear? George: What do you mean you have nothing to wear? (Moves towards closet to look) Me: I said I have nothing to wear! I just looked! They want the audience to wear color and I have nothing in color. I got rid of everything I couldn’t fit and all I have left is Black. Get out of my closet! I don’t need your help! You can go to the show I’m not going I said! Yeah I know a bit of a overreaction. Forgive me I’m known for drama. But after my scene ended I knew there was something more going on. First of all what’s up with the all black? Despite the fact that Black has always been my favorite color. “um excuse me does this come in black?” I mean Black goes with everything. its chic it’s fashionable it appropriate for just about every occasion.. Work. Lunch. Dinner. Funerals. Interviews. Parties. Church. Banquets. Black is beautiful. It’s safe. Yeah it’s safe. But when did I become the girl that plays it safe. I like it bold and big. Collars, cuffs, ruffles, fur, bright and light. If you check out my Instagram photos you will see I like big hair, and big smiles. Somewhere I started playing it safe and lost myself in a sea of black. Somewhere I lost my color. Taking a deeper look, this was not just with my clothing but with my voice. I had become silent so that I wouldn't argue and keep the peace. I had forgotten that silence bring consent and if some one doesn't speak truth to power there will never be justice. I can't fight every fight and cure every wrong, but I get to choose not to be silent! I know that my voice has power and that someone is listening.

So I decided to make a conscious decision to Live In Color! I even made a commitment the next time I buy something it cannot be black, it has to be a color. Ok, the black pencil skirt that I just got from @asos doesn’t count because it was on sale and cute. But, If you saw my closet you would say, “Girl you need some color!” And you don’t have to tell me that black is a color. I know that. In fact it’s my favorite color. I walk in the store and ask, does this come in black? But, it’s time for a change! And this Spring/Summer is the perfect time to do it. I predict (and I’m usually right) color blocking, pinks and red, orange and royal blue, green and yellow, all bursts of rainbow brightness is the move this season. Check out the look book for some inspiration and maybe I'll post a pic or two of me. I’m feeling that pink and red. What do you think?

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