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Jabari Johnson Offers A Classic: Day of Redemption.

Artist: Jabari Johnson

Album: Day of Redemtion

Perhaps it is the splendour of his brand of gospel music, the crescendo of his voice or that he spends most Sunday mornings helping to usher in worship at The Potter’s House that makes Jabari Johnson an awesome praise and worship force to be reckoned with.

Johnson has already sung his way into the hearts of many and has been riding the euphoria of releasing his first single entitled "Have Your Way".

Well, after years of playing and writing music, he releases his debut album, Day of Redemption, on eOne Nashville’s Light Records and it is spine-tingling and soul-stirring. Even Gina Miller, VP/GM of eOne Nashville agrees. She said, “Jabari Johnson is a force. There is such an exhilarating presence of the spirit that flows through his gifts. His enthusiasm and power lead you directly to God. His inflexion and musical choices, whether singing or playing, whisper words that communicate exactly what all of our heart’s need. To genuinely know that redemption is available to us all. Today can be our day too.”

The album opens on a high with “Your Love”. This high tempo song expresses God’s love that never runs out. The sound of the stringed instruments and the drum is so superb and will have you rocking from side to side. The next track is “Grace and Mercy”, and Johnson really laid it all down with anointed vocals. This track promises to set and shift your atmosphere.

“Rain On Us” follows pursuit and will equally take you on a spiritual high as Johnson beckons to the heavenly father to “Rain on us, breath on us, let your power fall on us…”

The title track “Day of Redemption” runs deep and paves the way for “Jesus”, Johnson’s rendition of the classic hymn “The Solid Rock”.

Remember Tye Tribbett and GA’s smashing hit “Everything”? Well, Johnson gives us a more contemporary mixed with a traditional version on the next track “Everything”, and it will influence hand clapping, foot stomping and body rocking. “Things Change” is quite the opposite, but is still not short of greatness.

It would take a musicologist to comprehensively trace the evolution of the album closer, “Have Your Way”. Even though this version is an acoustic version, there is something unique and refreshing about the way Johnson expresses his gift on this one.

Jabari Johnson has certainly grown as a talented songwriter, singer and vocalist. The evidence is Day of Redemption. This is an album equally suited for any time or place, eight tracks with enough substance for the heart and enough anointing to set the captives free.

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