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Live An Unstoppable Life Like Koryn Hawthorne

Koryn Hawthorne has answered the call and is now reaping the benefits of much hard work and determination. Even though she did not win The Voice in 2015, she is winning in 2018 with her smashing hit “Won’t He Do It”, which currently sits at the top of the Billboard Hot Gospel Songs chart. It is very evident now that this musical sensation is no pushover - and judging from her self-contained confidence mixed with an angelic aura, Koryn has managed to capture the minds, spirits and hearts of Christians and the unsaved all over the globe. But off the stage, there is no doubt that this millennial is a down-to-earth character filled with charisma and an impeccable presence.

At only age 20, this Lousiana resident is living a purpose driven life. Recently, Koryn released her first full-length album Unstoppable, which features the exuberant #1 hit anthem “Won’t He Do It” as the lead single, title track “Unstoppable,” “Down Goes Rome,” “Speak the Name” (feat. Natalie Grant) and more.

A true polymath, Koryn Hathorne is really a big deal! The multifaceted artist, musician and beauty mixed with brains was far from shy when I spoke to her in between radio interviews to talk about her new album Unstoppable and life as a gospel star. Here goes!

Harvest Magazine: Firstly, “Won’t He Do It” sits at the top of a number of gospel music charts across America. How are you feeling about this?

Koryn Hawthorne: Honestly, I feel super blessed. I knew the song was great after hearing it the first time, but I didn’t think that it would be this huge. God is great and I am just taking it a day at a time and enjoying the success.

Harvest Magazine (HM): Tell me the story behind this song?

Koryn Hawthorne (KH): So, this song was written for the TV series OWN ‘s Greenleaf soundtrack. I remember going into the studio to record the song and reflecting on the lyrics and its realness - I mean, it really touched on some issues in my life. I never wanted the song to come off as the typical cover song sung by an artist and written by someone else. I wanted it to be as personable and authentic as it could be and for it to resonate with people like how it did for me. "Won't He Do It" It is a true testament that God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly.

Hm: Now, your well-anticipated album Unstoppable was released on July 13th and everyone seems to be loving it! What is the deal with this album?

KH: Unstoppable is a collective of different genres and stories. Many persons have doubted me in the past, questioning why I do what I do and how I do what I do and this album is an embodiment of doing the unbelievable while still being cool, but changing lives. Many people had visions for me and wanted to create a path for me, but when God has a plan for you, no one can stop it. I knew exactly where I wanted to take this album and you know what, it all worked out.

HM: Koryn, this is incredible! Where did you get this confidence?

KH: I am not trying to be super vain or churchy, but all of my confidence comes from God who is my only hope and source. Then there is my Mom who is super encouraging, always pushing me towards fulfilling my purpose.

HM: Why should we get Unstoppable?

KH: Because! (She laughs) You should get it because I worked so hard on it. But seriously, I encourage everyone to get it because there is something to encourage and inspire everyone. I believe that this project is what America and the world need for such a time as this.

HM: How has being a contestant on NBC's The Voice impacted your decision to become a gospel artist and did you really want to venture off into gospel??

KH: Honestly, I was born and raised in the church, but I never knew if I could do gospel because of how different I was. However, being on The Voice gave me the opportunity to sing different types of music while still remaining authentically me. I would not exchange the genre that i am in for anyhing! I am super grateful that God has given me a voice that people actually want to hear and I do not take this for granted. Won’t He Do It!

HM: So, any regrets?

KH: No regrets!

HM: What does Koryn do for fun?

KH: Hmm… Well, I would like to say that I am pretty basic – but I am a Louisiana girl who loves to eat and watch different TV series.

Catch Koryn Hawthorne live on the Summer Lights Tour going on now and on OWN’s Greenleaf this Fall where she will be making a second appearance.

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