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Megyn Kelly Could Be Saying Goodbye to NBC

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Megyn Kelly was absent from her 9 a.m. show, ‘Today’, after making racially insensitive comments last Tuesday. This has led to public scrutiny from viewers and a rift with the National Broadcasting Company (NBC).

On the live episode aired on Tuesday, Kelly made racially insensitive remarks that stirred up the opinions of viewers and colleagues at NBC. This was after saying that she believes that It is ok for white people to wear black faces as their Halloween costumes.

On yesterdays live taping, Kelly made an apology at length to her NBC studio audience. However, according to sources with knowledge of the matter, it has been reported that her being absent from her show today could be a sign that the she may never return to the NBC airways.

Megyn Kelly left Fox News in January 2017 for NBC and a contract reported to be worth $17 million a year.

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