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Maranda Curtis, Kim Burrell and The Walls Group Brings Good Tidings

It is the most wonderful time of the year, and If you are going to get to grips with Christmas classics, you will need a decent set of pipes to listen to at this years Christmas parties or to hit at the back of the cathedral. Well thanks to Kim Burrell, The Walls Group and Maranda Curtis, you will get your fix. These ministers of the gospel got you covered this Holiday season with new Christmas singles and a album that will get you in the holiday spirit. Blast them at this year's party while serving festive beverages and a delicious Christmas dinner for a guaranteed good time. Here goes!

Kim Burrel -  "Little Drummer Boy"

"Little Drummer Boy"  is a popular Christmas song written by the American classical music composer and teacher Katherine Kennicott Davis in 1941. Almost 8 decades later, Kim Burrell produces a more contemporary jazzy rendition of the classic. If you've heard the tease posted on her Instagram page, then you are well aware that you are in for a great treat. Burrell's "Little Drummer Boy" will be available online for purchase everywhere on November 23rd.  

The Walls Group - "Jesus Oh What A Wonderful Child"

Darrel, Alic, Ahjah and Rhea from the American urban Contemporary gospel group, The Walls Group harmonies have never sounded richer than on this version of a more traditional uptempo "Jesus Oh What a Wonderful Child"  from their 2015 Christmas project, Sounds of Christmas. Here they tackle holiday standards the joyous way; chopping range with strong sounding instruments that never gets old. You can download their new Christmas single on November 16th.  

Maranda Curtis - A Holy Christmas

Maranda Presents: A Holy Christmas Maranda said on her Instagram page,"I'm so excited about this Christmas EP! My first time doing any music for Christmas." 

The cover art sort of says it all: Maranda standing peacefully with a heavenly glow. This clearly sums up why this project will be a Christmas EP with a worship experience.


The "Nobody Like You Lord" singer possess one of the most beautiful, anointed voices of our time, and she doesn't shy away from sharing it with the world. Maranda Presents: A Holy Christmas will officially be available on November 16th on select digital outlets.

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