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Keep your hair moisturized in the Winter

These cold temperatures not only reek havoc on your skin but to your tresses as well. It’s important to make sure your hair is well moisturized while wearing hats and protective styles.  I am always looking for ways to have healthier hair and educate myself on growth.  I reached out to my daughter,  whom I have extreme hair envy, to ask what her regimen is. Her steps were so good and thorough I thought I’d share them with you.

1. Pre-poo with a conditioner mixed with oil for 20-30 mins or you can sleep in it over night. Another option is to Pre-poo with a mixture of oils (this is what I do; I have it on my head now and need to go wash it out) Don’t skip this step. 2. Shampoo with shampoo of choice. I use 1/2 a bottle Aloe Vera Juice, 1/2 bottle water and a cap full of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar.. I put this mixture in a spray bottle and spray my scalp and massage thoroughly and then the length of my hair. Then Rinse. You can repeat until you’re satisfied. 3. Deep Condition. Deep Condition with your deep conditioner of choice EVERY TIME YOU WASH YOUR HAIR. Once every 3 months I’ll do a protein Treatment first then deep condition after. I’ll use rice water that I make by just boiling rice and using the water in my hair when it’s cool or Mustard Seed Oil as a protein Treatment. I use Mustard seed oil in step 1 too. So after wearing braids for that long, it may be good for you to buy Aphogee 2-Step protein Treatment or do rice water as a protein Treatment and then deep condition. If your hair feels weak/ fragile it needs a protein Treatment but only every 3 months. 4. Detangle. BEFORE YOU RINSE OUT THE DEEP CONDITIONER, detangle in shower or over the sink. Or you can rinse out the dc and just add more conditioner to detangle. The objective of this step is just to detangle with a conditioner in your hair under running water. NEVER ON DRY HAIR. That causes breakage. 5. Moisturize & Seal. The moisture could be water, a leave-in conditioner that has water as a first ingredient, or just plain Aloe Vera Juice in a spray bottle. I do the latter. Then seal with an oil of choice. (To see what kind of oil your hair likes, do a porosity test. You just get a cup of water and one strand of your hair that already came out and put it in the cup of water. If the hair strand floats to the top, you have low porosity hair like me and your hair likes Castor Oil, Olive Oil, look up low porosity oils. If the hair strand sinks to the bottom you have high porosity hair and you can look up the oils best for that hair type.) The objective is to be sure to moisturize and seal with an oil. 6. Stretched, Protective Style. You must stretch your hair in this step to see length retention. Wash and gos are just for really short hair. When your hair starts to grow longer than a twa, it’s time to do a stretched style to avoid single strand knots and/ or matting. You can cornrow, two strand twist, individual braid, Bantu knots, African threading, Band using stretch bands without the metal, etc. one step that I’ll sometimes do here is use a heat protectant and blow dry on the cool setting, then braid or twist. 7. Night time Routine. Before bed, always moisturize your hair lightly with a spray or two of water or Aloe Vera Juice (or a leave in conditioner and water mix in a spray bottle) then seal with your oil of choice. Braid it up and tie a satin scarf or wear a bonnet. or if your hair is already in corn braids or box braids with added hair, still spray your moisturizer and then apply your oil and tie up your hair with a satin scarf. 8. In the morning, apply oil to your fingertips to unravel hair for a cute twist out or braid out look. If you’re keeping them in, massage scalp with your oiled fingertips, then do a cute scarf wrap on top of your satin scarf or put on your wig and go. You can choose to massage your scalp at bedtime or in the morning, just be sure to do it at least 3xs a week for blood circulation in your scalp, which helps with hair growth. 9. Trim. Only when necessary. I check every 3 months and will do it myself while my two strand twists are in. I don’t take off much, just when you see the see through part or straggly ends or knots. 10. Enjoy your hair. Appreciate the beauty of your Afro-textures hair. It will never be like anyone else’s, so get to know yours and appreciate it! 💜

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