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Kerry Washington Delivers in American Son

By: Amber Dior Williams

Everyone watch 'American Son' On Netflix! Kerry Washington delivers an award-winning performance! She's officially my favorite Actress. 💯

As if Scandal wasn't enough. In this movie, her ability to articulate a black mother's empathy for their children (sons) in today's world BLEW ME AWAY. No one is a better actress than her. Who wants to argue with me??????

98% of the movie was shot in one room. The movie totaled has 4 actors yet tackled several issues in today's society. Racism, race identity, classism, police brutality, family, interracial relationships.

As a storyteller, I must say I appreciate how Netflix offers a platform for those who may not have Blockbuster budgets to tell BLOCKBUSTER STORIES!

Kerry has my heart. I have to say NO OTHER BLACK WOMAN has been able to convey such intelligence, grace, humility, and strength acting alongside a White Man!

Again who wants to argue??? While watching this movie I said to myself THEY KNOW WHO TO CALL. It's not even a stereotypical thing with Kerry. She's just pure talent. Watching Kerry Washington perform is truly poetry in motion. She makes our tears more meaningful. Turns our insecurities into strength. And she gives us HOPE; remembering that all we have to do is believe. Man, she's amazing!

Ook, I'm fanning out! The actors involved also did a wonderful job of portraying EXACTLY how the world views BLACK ISSUES. From an entitled white man's perspective. A well-to-do immigrant who found their way in this country. And a black man who lives within the circumstances and fights daily to teach his people.

Watch it! I want book reports from My Aunts!

Happy Friday 🤗

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