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Valerie Boyd: Simply Anointed

On September 30th Valerie Boyd will be bringing people from near and far into the United Palace Theater in New York for her 2nd Live recording. It has been 18 Years since Valerie's last live recording "Back Home Live" which gave us the hit single "Get Me out Jesus". If the last recording was any indication, we are truly in for a treat.

Talking to Valerie Boyd was like catching up with my good girlfriend that I hadn’t seen in a long time. An anointed vocalist, ordained Evangelist and now First Lady of her church New Greater Bethel Ministries in Queens Village NY. She believes that God has prepared her for such a time as this.

Why now?

Valerie Boyd believes it’s all about God’s timing. She has recorded 7 CDs in her career. Her fans have been waiting since her last recording VICTORY in 2006. She has wanted to record but, “Everything is about timing if we would just trust God. Our way is not his way our thoughts are not his thoughts.” Boyd says.

Before her father-in-law, the late Apostle John H. Boyd Sr. transitioned, he told her to be sure to do everything that God has called her to do. He said, “I hope you make that old record. When you do you will not want for anything, because God is going to put his approval on it like he has never done before.” And If you know anything about the late great Apostle Boyd, whatever he said was sure to happen.

Why old songs?

“I can do all kinds of music, but I’m anointed to do the old songs.” As a little girl I could feel God in the place as we sang. Her Grandmother played piano at the Baptist church and everyday she made sure Valerie practiced and learned new songs. At the age of 10 she was able to play through the whole church service. She sang duets with her Mother who could play piano also and sing like Mahalia Jackson. “Old school is what God is calling on right now. Old songs are healing for the soul. I know how to do other things, but this is what God is calling for now; songs that will heal and minister to the world.”

Why Simply Anointed?

She has spanned the genre of gospel music from down home, hand clapping, foot stomping traditional gospel music to the latest trendiest style of music, yet she has remained simply anointed.

“I can remember a woman coming up to me saying, “thank you for everything that you’ve gone through, (because) I got healed when you opened your mouth” said Boyd. “The old songs have meaning. I use to get tired of my mother and grandmother singing them, but now I understand what ‘how I got over’ (she sings a little for me with that classic alto voice she’s known for) really means! God allows you to go through some things so that you can pay the price to be anointed. Nobody wants to pay the price, but when you are chosen you don’t have a choice. I believe I’ve paid to for this.”

How will you relate to the new generation?

"You see, that’s the thing! The anointing makes the difference! I can recall going to the Sugar Bar and people were standing around with their drinks and different artists had performed different R&B songs. When I was asked to sing something I sang, “There is Power in the name of Jesus” before it was over everyone had put down their drinks and they were singing along with me! It didn't matter if we were in church or not. The anointing did that! There was a business man that was there that came up to me and said I have never felt that before. What was that? I want more of that! He ended up going to my church. There is a difference in the anointing."

Join Valerie Boyd Live on September 30th, at 7pm at the United Palace Theater 4140 Broadway, New York, NY 10033. Tickets now available.

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