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How to Decorate Your Home Like Your Favorite Destination

Transform your pad into a London flat or a Moroccan riad.

Transform your pad into a London flat or a Moroccan riad.

It's easy for a traveler to be struck by the design aesthetic of a specific place, like the regal Byzantine and Ottoman influences of Istanbul, the distinct Scandinavian style of homes in Reykjavik, and New Orleans’ colorful mix of French, Caribbean, and Southern traditions.

If you’ve been enraptured by the relaxed, bohemian feel of Costa Rica, or the classic elements of Japanese design still popular in Tokyo (short-legged chabudais tables, shoji screens, tansu chests), you’ll find it’s easy to turn your home into a memento of your travels.

As part of a new series, Travel + Leisure sought design and décor inspiration from destinations across the globe. We looked at the way New Yorkers masterfully transform tiny spaces into contemporary, sophisticated homes, and how cowhide rugs and Sayulita chairs can evoke the bohemian beach vibes of Tulum. From Australia’s far-flung Great Barrier Reef (ideal for globetrotters who love coral and turquoise hues) to the charismatic Portuguese capital of Lisbon, these are the places that inspire interior designers and home décor enthusiasts.

Of course, you don’t have to commit to an entire home redesign. Even something as simple as a Moroccan wedding blanket draped across a sofa or the fragrance of saffron can give your space the essence of a riad in Marrakesh — no matter where in the world you live.

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