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Take Israel Houghton's Road To DeMaskUs With You

Artist: Israel Houghton

Album: Road To DeMaskUs

In these testing times of life unfolded in the dilemma of pain and strife, people are dying and are lost without hope. Notwithstanding, there is the Road To DeMaskUs, the 10 ten-track album that is here to save the weary and the lost soul. Yes, Israel Houghton as yet created another winner. This album as similarly patterns Paul’s experience on the road to Damascus and how he was able to overcome after a dramatic encounter with God.

Israel Houghton starts the journey with “Secrets” featuring his wife Adrienne Houghton. This song is the perfect reminder that God’s grace and mercies surpass our sins and shame. Then there is the up-tempo “True” featuring The Walls Group, which makes way for “Easy For You”. The instrumental composition collaborates well with the lyrics that remind us that there is nothing too impossible for God to do. The musical composition in the next track “All Together” shares similarities with the previous track. There is the heavy-infusion of rock and pop combined with the contemporary vocal touches.

Early debuts, “Promise Keeper” featuring Travis Green and “Reckless Love” follows respectively and these two tracks are just breath taken. Separate and apart from the fact that these two tracks were the first two singles released to promote this project, both songs share similarities in that they will leave you in a reflective and thankful mode.

You will get lost in the next track, “Free Indeed (You Said I Am)”, which assures us that if God is for us, nothing can be against us because we are his chosen vessels.

“Winning Side” should easily become a favourite for many – and with Chevelle Franklyn from Jamaica adding his collaborative efforts, you will have no choice but to love.

Then there is the smooth, calm and collective “Love Never Fails” that is followed by “I’m With You/Be Still”. In a recent interview with Israel, he never shied away from expressing this track as one of his favourite tracks. This was also easy for him to decide because it features his lady, Adrienne Houghton.

“Feels” like home closes the project out on a high. This one will leave you in a thankful frame of mind.

This 10 track album will be a hit across genres and does fall into the trap of replicating what he has previously done. I must also say that it is hard to say which is my favourite track because they are all so great! Israel Houghton, congratulations, you have produced a hit.

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