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Mary Mary Is Doing Something Bigger in Israel.

Erica and Tina Campbell from everyone's favourite group Mary Mary is going back to Israel. But this is not for the Mary Mary reality show. Instead, it is for the 2019 Footsteps of Jesus Israel Tour.

"Our trip to Israel changed our lives. It was beautiful and unbelievably joy-filled! While we walked the footsteps of Jesus, God downloaded a new song to us, which we sang during our baptismal at the Jordan River. We also worshipped on the Sea of Galilee, prayed at the Garden Tomb and performed a new Mary Mary song entitled “Farewell" at the Western Wall." This Erica and Tina Campbell expressed to fans in an open letter about the event.

The Grammy award-winning group promises an experience like none other. The tour will include heartfelt performances from Mary Mary and some other amazing Gospel singers. these performances will take place at various historic and biblical landmarks in Israel.

Since the duo broke the news on social media, supporters from all over the globe have been expressing their support on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Here is what some are saying:

@msdntgetnobetta "I need that experience!"

@nolimit_slayer "Lord i am going in Jesus name!"

@jb_10 "Lets go with Mary Mary."

For more information on event and purchasing tickets, go to: 2019:

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