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Casey J Leads the Gathering With New Music.

Recently Casey J released the title track, “The Gathering”, from her forthcoming new release album: The Gathering and it is a breath of fresh air. Casey’s calm effervescence persona mixed with great sounding instruments and melodious voice are the main ingredient that makes this track a power filled track.

“Sometimes life gets busy. We’re each moving in a million different directions, and focusing on a dozen things at once. But when we come to worship, the intention of our hearts should be unified and set on our one, true, amazing God.” This the gospel darling captioned under a recent Instagram post to introduce the single and the video for the single.

Casey’s mellifluous voice marked her out as a rare talent, but even more exemplary is her great songwriting skills. As the critically acclaimed, Atlanta- based worship leader readies The Gathering for its official release in January 2019 – ensure that you purchase the title track, which is now available on all major digital and streaming music platforms

See the video for her latest single below:

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