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The Color Purple Musical Could Be A Reality - Here Is The Dream Cast

The Color Purple is a 1982 epistolary novel by American author Alice Walker, which was later adapted into a film in 1985 and musical of the same name in 2005. Well, soon, the characters from Alice Walker's 1982 novel will once again come to life. This time they will come alive singing and dancing on the big screen in a movie musical adaptation of the 2005 Broadway production, which was revived several times and came to a close in 2017.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. is developing a film version of the Tony-winning stage musical. The best part? Oprah, Spielberg, Quincy Jones, and Scott Sanders have been tapped as producers. So far, the project is still in its early stages, so there's no word on an exact release date. Notwithstanding, a dream cast has been named and we are spilling the tea.

Luptita Nyong'o as Celie Johnson, Originally played by Whoopie Golberg

Amber Riley as Sofia, Originally played by Oprah

Donald Glover as Albert, originally played by Danny Glover

Beyonce as Shug Avery, originally played by Margaret Avery

Daniel Kaluuya as Harpo Johnson, originally played by Willard E. Pugh

Reese Witherspoon as Miss Millie Originally Played by Dana Ivey

Danai Gurira as Nettie Harris, originally played by Akosua Busia

Giancarlo Wesposito as Old Mister Johnson, originally played by Adolph Caesar

Yara Shahidi as Squeak, originally played by Rae Dawn Chong

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