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Rodney Douglas Issues Confident Proclamation With New Single “I’ll Worship”

St. Louis, MO --   St. Louis, MO-based singer and songwriter Rodney Douglas, Jr. released his debut single “God’s Love” just three short years ago followed by his HOW I MADE IT EP in 2018.  With the 2020 year bringing uncertainty across the globe, Rodney remains assured of his gift and of his God.  With this confidence, he has penned another awesome anthem of worship.

"I'll Worship" is Rodney's new single released independently by Rodney and his management team C-Note Entertainment founded by husband and wife team Craig and Toni Towns of St. Louis.  “I’ll Worship” is not just music added to his repertoire,  but it is his unflinching proclamation and message of hope to listeners.

"After listening to I'll Worship, I hope people will be motivated to commit to worshipping and giving God praise no matter what,"  Rodney shares.  "This was a vow I made to Him because of His consistency in my life."

Listen To "I'LL WORSHIP"

"I'll Worship" is produced by Josh Mayfield, Michael Whitfield and Douglas.  The song is available on all digital music outlets now.  Through this uplifting message, Rodney desires to inspire the mind and stir the soul of every listener.  He is a living testimony of the faithfulness of God and will not relent until the whole world hears the good news of Jesus.   Rodney continues to share his musical gift with thousands each week as a full-time Worship Leader at Faith Church St. Louis (Pastors David and Nicole Crank).  He is a worship leader who understands what his purpose is – to utilize and share his gift of song that is meant to help heal, restore, and bring assured hope and unconditional love to the world. #newmusic

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