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The Faces and Voices of #BlackWomenVote

Statistic show that 8 out of 10 businesses started within the last 8 years were started by black women. I would argue that if she is a business owner she probably votes.
When herstory is written and reflects on this period in time, the many ways in which Black women used their influence to address pivotal issues will be front and center. Black women are influencers on every level and the 2016 election is no different. As mothers, wives, sisters, aunts, girlfriends, and professionals we will make sure our collective voice is heard at the polls on Nov. 8. When you fire up a Black women, she uses her sphere of influence to motivate those around her. Black women don’t just go to the polls alone, she also brings her house, her block, her church, her sorority and her water cooler.
I was honored to lend my voice to this powerful movement of women by Political Strategist L. Joy Williams and Higher Heights.
Please click the link below and read these powerful stories from Black women who are civic citizens and refuse to stay home on Election Day. #BlackWomenVote

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