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Bishop Paul S. Morton victim of a Con Artist

In a press release issued yesterday, Bishop Paul S. Morton, Senior Pastor of changing A Generation Full Gospel Baptist Church alerted the entire Christian community that Arthur Dover (aka Arthur Dover Bull), a gentleman who joined the church and then promised the ministry millions, has come to be found out as a con artist. He runs a scheme sharing that he has won millions in a law suite and wants to give a portion of it to the church.. He states that while the settlement is being finalized, he will need funds to assist with legal and travel costs.

Arthur Dover met Bishop Morton and shared his story and asked for a loan of which Bishop Morton agreed to, after completing legal paperwork for the personal loan from Bishop Morton - not from the church. Unfortunately, after months of excuses and empty promises to honor his commitment to the church and to repay the loan, Bishop Morton is sharing this story to alert other Pastors and the community.

"Arthur joined this church and connected with me under false pretenses. He approached me sharing that he won a multi-million dollar lawsuit and that he had been wanting to give a portion of it to a church and he had chose Changing A Generation. He then asked me personally for funds to help him with costs while he awaited his settlement to arrive."

These tales are not new. Con Artist or people with ill intent often prey on the church because they are open to receive anyone and will take people for face value without going through a vetting process like other organizations.

If any other Pastors have been contacted by Arthur Bull or have provided him a loan, please contact Changing A Generation at 404.284.8865 and ask for the office of Bishop Morton to leave your information.

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